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The Review

Blue Mountains Review - July 19th Edition

Posted On: Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Community Information

Blue Mountains Review - July 19th Edition


Gather your supplies

  1. Prepare art surface
    A)small square canvas (dollar store, Micheals..etc) 
    B) draw a square on card stock, paper, cardboard etc
    C) Use PDF click here
  2. Choose medium to work with
    A) paint (acrylic…etc)
    B) anything else (pencil crayons, markers, pastels..etc)

Pick your Colour

Pick the colour for your painting/artwork – This is the overall tone of your masterpiece, view below for inspiration and click on the “choose” button.
There are limited colour spaces available you need to reserve your spot in the mural before proceeding to “Step 2” 

Blue Tile

Register Selection Blue Spot here

Green Tile

Register Selection Green Spot here



Pick your subject

What does living in The Blue Mountains inspires you?

Paint your square

*Be sure to colour your entire square. Don’t leave any white areas. 

Make your Painting an Even Tone. Avoid contrasting colours.

Take a picture

Send to  :

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Location: The Gallery at L.E. Shore.

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