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Development Charges Study - $$$$$'s

Posted On: Tuesday, February 12, 2019

The gross cost of the Town’s general services capital forecast is estimated to be $115.06 million. Approximately $50.00 million in grants are anticipated to offset the cost of the Parks and Recreation program; therefore, the net municipal cost for the Town is reduced to $65.06 million

Development Charges Study - $$$$$'s

Eight services have been analysed as part of the Development Charges Study:
Appendix B.1 Public Library - $13.24 million
Appendix B.2 Fire Services - $3.58 million
Appendix B.3 Police Department  - $226,600
Appendix B.4 Parks and Recreation - $80.00 million (new indoor recreation space)
Appendix B.5 Public Works - $7.14 million
Appendix B.6 Parking & By-law - $6.35 million
Appendix B.7 Solid Waste - $710,000
Appendix B.8 General Government - $1.63 million

Of this $65.06 million net municipal cost, approximately 50 per cent, or $32.19 million, is related to capital works for Parks and Recreation. This capital program recovers for new indoor recreation space totaling $80.00 million. Parkland development in the amount of $1.01 million and park facilities valued at $435,000 are also included.

The next largest capital program belongs to Public Library. The program provides funding for a new library space, material acquisitions and studies. The total Public Library capital program amounts to $13.24 million, or 20 per cent.

The capital forecast associated with Public Works envisions a new public works facility, a new snow storage facility, as well as a new Satellite Office in 2023. An additional provision of $950,000 will fund various fleet and equipment acquisitions. The total cost of the Public Works capital program is $7.14 million.

The Parking & By-law capital program includes provisions for additional parking lots, vehicles and equipment. The forecast also provides funding for a new Parking Master Plan in 2020. The total cost of the Parking & By-law capital program is $6.35 million.

The capital program associated with Fire Services amounts to $3.58 million, or 6 per cent of the total, and provides for a new fire hall, personnel and emergency equipment, vehicles and a new Fire Master Plan.

The portion of the Town’s program that relates to the provision of development-related studies is referred to as General Government and amounts to $1.63 million.

The capital forecast associated with Solid Waste provides for new facilities, fleet and equipment. It represents 1 per cent of the Town’s general services capital program and is valued at $710,000.

The Police Services capital program recovers for the debenture payments related to the new Ontario Provincial Police station. The total Police capital program, amounts to approximately $226,600. The capital forecast incorporates those projects identified to be related to development anticipated in the next ten years.


The DCA requires the Town to estimate “the anticipated amount, type and location of development” for which development charges may be imposed. The development forecast must cover both residential and non-residential development and be specific enough with regards to quantum, type, location and timing of development to allow the Town to prepare a reasonable development-related capital program. Appendix A contains additional materials related to the development forecast and the Town’s demographics.

Key demographic features of the Town of The Blue Mountains are the seasonal fluctuations of its population and the corresponding recreational nature of its residential development. For this reason, the Town’s development charges are based on a residential forecast which includes seasonal population and dwellings not occupied by usual residents. This rationale is based upon the need for the Town to build infrastructure to accommodate peak demand levels associated with the development portion of the Town, regardless of whether the use is permanent or seasonal.

The residential forecast incorporates 2016 Census and historical residential permit data and accounts for seasonal housing development. The forecast shows that the number of dwelling units (occupied dwellings, non-permanent and hotel/motel units) will increase by 2,880 between 2019 and 2028. From 2019 to build-out, approximately 8,550 additional units are anticipated. More than 70 per cent of the development occurring over the 2019-2028 period is projected to occur in the Craigleith service area. Camperdown is the next significant development area with approximately 13 per cent of the anticipated new units.

Other service areas forecast to experience significant development include Lora Bay (9 per cent), Thornbury East (2 per cent) and Thornbury West (2 per cent). The non-residential portion of the forecast is largely based upon development applications received, known developer plans, and the availability of servicing. The forecast is for approximately 17,400 square metres of new non-residential gross floor area (GFA) to be added to the Town between 2019 and 2028. During the period 2019 to build-out, GFA is projected to increase by approximately 100,500 square metres

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