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2019 Draft Budget Meetings - March 11

Posted On: Monday, February 18, 2019

Developing an Annual Budget involves several months of planning and coordination among staff, Council, and stakeholders.

2019 Draft Budget Meetings - March 11


Staff received input from members of the Senior Management Team in June. After this, the preparation of the three-year Operating and five-year Capital Budget commenced. The Budget Team held numerous meetings with Department Heads and Service Area Managers to compare actual expenditures to the budgeted expenditures, and modifications were made based on best estimates and work plans for the following budget year.

Operational budgets reflect the financial estimate for the services the Town provides and the levels to which those services will be provided, and are driven by the work plans of each Division, the Town’s Strategic Plan, as well as various plans and studies completed for specific programs, services, or projects. The 2019 Proposed Budget is staff’s best estimate of 2019 costs and revenues based on current knowledge.

Once the 2019 Proposed Budget is released by Staff, the Town holds a series of Committee of the Whole Meetings where the Proposed Budget is reviewed by Council, and a Public Information Session and Public Meeting is held to gain input from the public.

January 14, 2019 The 2019 Proposed Budget is distributed to Council, Senior Management Team, and the Public

February 7 - 12, 2019 Budget Meetings take place during the Committee of the Whole

February 20, 2019 Council Approved Recommendations from Committee of the Whole Budget Meetings

April 8, 2019 Staff bring a Staff Report to Council, outlining the public’s comments from the Public Meeting and Public Information Centre

April 24, 2019 Council approves the 2019 Budget (proposed date)

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