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Province Terminates $2.3 Million Funding Agreement

Posted On: Tuesday, January 1, 2019

The Town completed a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment in July 2017 for the management of leachate generated at the Town’s Solid Waste Disposal Site.

Province Terminates $2.3 Million Funding Agreement

The preferred solution is to pipe the leachate to the Thornbury Wastewater Treatment Plant. Leachate is liquid collected within the landfill cell. Until the pipe is constructed, the leachate is trucked to a receiving station in Craigleith. The Town was successful in receiving a $2.3 million grant under the Municipal Greenhouse Gas Challenge Fund, a program aimed at reducing climate change related emissions.

The Town received correspondence from the province July 10, 2018 that the program has been cancelled and that the grant monies are now withdrawn however, some wind-down funding may be available. The Town project is only part way through the design phase. Construction was planned to commence in early 2019.Town Council will consider a Staff Report regarding next steps at a Special Meeting of Council July 31, 2018.

For more Information Contact:
Jeff Fletcher
Manager of Solid Waste & Special Projects
Town of The Blue Mountains
(519) 599-3131 ext. 238

For Media Inquiries Contact:
Shawn Everitt
Interim Chief Administrative Officer
Town of The Blue Mountains
(519) 599-3131 ext. 234




Landfill leachate treatment is a major engineering challenge due to the high and variable concentrations of dissolved solids, dissolved and colloidal organics, heavy metals and xenobiotic organics.

Specific leachate management practices, such as recirculation (bioreactor landfill) and blending landfill gas with leachate, impact quality, resulting in characteristics that vary greatly from site to site. Cold temperature in winter is also a challenge to designing leachate treatment facilities (LTF) in Canada.

Traditionally, landfill leachate has been hauled or pumped to off-site wastewater treatment facilities for disposal. Disposal to off-site facilities has generated opposition from plant owners due to more stringent effluent discharge criteria. When discharged to a wastewater treatment facility, leachates can interfere with ultraviolet disinfection by strongly quenching UV light. Leachate may also contain heavy metals and high ammonia concentration that may be inhibitory to the biological processes.

On-site leachate treatment is an alternative to the increasing costs associated with hauling leachate to a local wastewater treatment plant. These treatment facilities are designed to fulfill the specific needs of individual landfill sites and allow discharge to a sanitary sewer or water body without any hauling or disposal costs.

Technologies for landfill leachate treatment include biological treatment, physical/chemical treatment and “emerging” technologies such as reverse osmosis (RO) and evaporation.

Biological leachate treatment is a proven technology for organics and ammonia removal in young and mature leachate. The anoxic/aerobic processes achieve nitrification and denitrification and reduce the oxygen demand for landfill leachate treatment.

Biological treatment methods include the activated sludge process (ASP), sequencing batch reactors (SBR), membrane bioreactors (MBR), aerobic lagoons and constructed wetlands. Physical-chemical treatment methods include oxidation, coagulation/flocculation, activated carbon, stripping, evaporation, filtration and RO. The choice of technology depends largely upon characteristics of the leachate, discharge limitations (e.g., direct or indirect discharge), and site constraints.

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