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The Review

L.E. Shore Library Board Highlights

Posted On: Thursday, April 19, 2018

The Blue Mountains Public Library Board elected from its members, Odette Bartnicki to the position of Chair of the Board to terminate with the closing of this Board cycle. John McKean will be stepping down.

L.E. Shore Library Board Highlights

The Museum Assistant position has been filled and we are happy to announce the hire of Allison Brown to the position of Museum Assistant with the Blue Mountains Public Library. Although she will be primarily at the Craigleith Heritage Depot site, she will be training at L.E. Shore for the month of April and will be a fill in person here as well. Two Casual Library Assistants will be hired for fill-in hours as needed to cover illness and vacation. A summer student CEO Assistant is open until April 20th. This position will work with the CEO for the summer to organize paper and electronic files of the organization. We anticipate posting for several other summer positions in the coming weeks.

Recommendations to Update Documents  (documents included in the attached pdf file)

1. THAT The Blue Mountains Public Library Board receive the April 2018 By-Laws and Governance Committee Report as information.

2. THAT the Blue Mountains Public Library Board approve the Memorandum of Understanding between the Board and Town and forward to Town Council for its approval.

3. THAT the Human Resources Policies be approved

4. THAT the Health and Safety Policies be approved.

5. That the Board accept notice of the review and approval of the Systems and User Services Policies (the latter previously referred to as the Library By-Laws) at the May 17, 2018 meeting.

The Public Input on Agenda Items is an open mic session where community members may speak on any issue which is included in the agenda. This format is intended to provide an opportunity for community input prior to Board decisions being made. There is no advance application process. Prior to the meeting the Board Secretary will have a sign-up sheet for community members who wish to address issues on the agenda. On the sign-up sheet, presenters will be asked to identify the agenda item to be addressed. The order of presenters is at the discretion of the Chair. Total time is limited to 20 minutes for this agenda item and the Chair may extend this time if the Board approves and the agenda permits. Individual presenters shall be limited to three (3) minutes. Board questions and response will not be included in the time. The identity of presenter and agenda item addressed will be noted in the minutes.

Canada Day - Save the Date!

The 2nd Annual Canada Day Eve Party will take place at the Beaver Valley Community Centre on Saturday June 30th from 4-9pm. This celebration is in partnership with the Town of The Blue Mountains and  Thornbury-Clarksburg Rotary Club. Sponsors include: Black Angus, Creemore Springs, Culinary Designs, and Ardiel Cider.

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