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Coyotes Track Club looking for support

Posted On: Thursday, February 15, 2018

The Meaford Coyotes Track Club is a non-profit organization, which started in August 2010. They are registered through Athletics Ontario and Ontario Minor Track and Field Association. MISSION is to provide quality coaching and training for middle and long distance runners of all ages. VISION is to help each athlete achieve their personal best in a positive and uplifting environment. Minimum age is 7 years old.

Coyotes Track Club looking for support

As you may or may not be aware, the Bluewater District School Board is building a new JK-Gr12 school  in Meaford with a tentative completion date of September 2019.
They have mentioned to us, the Meaford Coyotes Track Club, that they have tentative plans to build a small 400m, 4-lane gravel track if the school build does not go over budget and would like us to fundraise to increase the size of this new track.  Once built, the BWDSB intends to sell the present 440yd, 6-lane paved track on Aitken St. across from the Georgian Bay Community School, as it will be considered excess.
This present location of the track on Aitken St. is our primary training facility as we have access to the entire athletic field as well as the Georgian Trail and a 1km loop around a neighbouring block.  The Municipality of Meaford has no intention of purchasing this track property, but plans to build a housing development instead.  A long-term strategic plan that the Municipality did in 2015 stated that the Municipality need to have/own 2 athletic tracks in it's municipality, but presently don't own any.  The BWDSB owns the present 440yd track, which will be sold and may build  smaller track at the new school.
This leaves the Meaford Coyotes with the possibility of not having any track at all.  The BWDSB did state that the Coyotes could do a major fundraising event to help expand the new smaller 400m track at the new site, but the school would still own it, we would have limited access to it, the BWDSB has not stated how much $$$ they would provide to support this project after a couple meetings and several emails, and again...there is no guarantee they will even build it....if the new school is over budget...which they stated they were at their community meeting held at GBCS in December.
So....the Meaford Coyotes Track Club are approaching the community to seek fundraising support for a track.  
We have three options:
1. Purchase the present 5 acre athletic facility on Aitken from the BWDSB.  It has an "institutional" price of approximately $150,000.  If it is sold as "commercial property", then the value increases to $1.5 million.  Upgrade the present 6-lane, 440yd paved track to an 8-lane, 400m paved track at an estimated cost of $100,00.  White lines would have to be painted onto the track along with lane numbers. 
2. Support the BWDSB in their new school build and help them expand their 4-lane, 400m cinder track into an 8-lane, 400m paved track.  This is assuming the BWDSB has left-over money from the new school build to support a track build.  Again...the costs would be roughly the same, minus any $$$ the BWDSB would provide.  However, at this point, after several contact attempts, they have not committed any firm financial support.
3. Find and purchase a new lot of land [10-50+ acres] on the east side of Meaford to build from scratch a new 8-lane, 400m paved track.  With enough property and future fundraising, this would provide the opportunity of future athletic developments for the local areas.
An additional "cinderella pipe-dream" option would include covering the 8-lane, 400m paved track with an all-weather rubberized surface.  After contacting Mondo, a company that builds tracks from local tracks to international Olympic caliber surfaces, they mentioned they have a "training surface" that would last for approximately 25 years.  The cost to install this with lines and lane numbers would be $605,000!  A protective fence would then need to be build around the track and possibly lighting.  Cost has not been investigated for the fence and lighting.  Seeking estimates from a local contractor, a 20ft x 10ft storage shed with two 8ft garage doors on one side would cost about $20,000.  
The Meaford Coyotes Track Club would like to hear from the community and have a tentative meeting date of Monday, March 26th at 7:00pm.  Location to be determined in Meaford.  
Kevin Hooper
President and Head Coach - Meaford Coyotes Track Club

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