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The Review

Blue Mountains Curling - Easter Weekend

Posted On: Saturday, February 10, 2018

Did you see the Olympic Mixed Doubles Curling Trials? by Robert Burcher

Blue Mountains Curling - Easter Weekend

What did you think of them? To tell you the truth, I don’t get it! This is supposed to be more TV friendly? Why? It is still all about sliding a chunk of granite down a sheet of frozen ice! Whoever gets closest to the bloodspot at the other end of the rink scores the points! Really?

It still seems to be about having a good strong arm with a gentle touch!

Even though teams are 2 vs 4 players it is still all about devious strategy like putting some rocks in place for protection and then knocking all of your competitor’s granite rocks all the way to Kingdom Come! This is all in the name of “sport”. I for one could not see the point of it all. All this new foolishness – except for one thing, all the players had microphones hidden in their collars. You could hear all the secret discussions about strategy, the swearing under their breath, oh yeah the heavy breathing too! After all these were mixed teams.

Then there were the “sighs” of what, contentment with a good shot? Having a good partner? Then maybe it was the ultimate annoyance of a missed shot that just eliminated your trip to the Olympics in South Korea. So, yes, the experience did grow on me but not in the way it was supposed to . . . No I was more intrigued by the male/female dynamics. These aren’t husband and wife teams, not even from the same town or province but random picks from a hat.

Super stars like Jennifer Jones and Brad Gushue having to bite their tongues over the need to communicate, share or acquiesce to their partner’s superior strategy. Yes, this new sport was of course faster than the original “paint is drying” aspect of curling but still it is not making it into a ravishing “spectator sport”.

“Sport” as in participating, about learning a skill, about challenge, about having a good time out on a freezing dark January night.

So guess what, I’m actually going to try it when it comes to the Thornbury Arena in March. Because once again the arena is going to be turned from hockey ice to curling ice and several “sheets” will be created.

So anyone want to join me as a teammate? WARNING THOUGH, I HAVE NEVER IN MY LIFE TOUCHED A CURLING STONE! Anyone else out there who is as inexperienced as me?

Someone who is out for some laughs and doesn’t care about winning and would like to see how well you can slide 40 pounds of granite onto a bullseye? I promise not to swear.



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