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Aging with Confidence | Ontario's Action Plan for Seniors

Posted On: Sunday, January 28, 2018

Discussion Questions on Long-Term Care Capacity and Staffing

Aging with Confidence  | Ontario's Action Plan for Seniors

In order to continue strengthening the quality and availability of intensive supports to seniors who need them, we would value your feedback and would like to hear about your experiences and perspectives.

Capacity and Infrastructure

1. What can be done to ensure it is viable for smaller long-term care homes to stay in their community rather than amalgamated into larger facilities?

2. What can be done to ensure affordability for long-term care homes to remain and expand in places where land costs are high?

3. What is a reasonable distance for family to have to travel to visit with their loved ones in longterm care?

4. Currently most long-term care homes are stand-alone buildings. Is it more desirable for long-term care homes to be part of a broader community (i.e. hub) and be co-located with community health clinics, retirement homes/seniors buildings, Seniors Active Living Centres, daycares, etc.?

5. As the province builds new capacity, what can be done to ensure it is building the long-term care homes that will meet the social and medical needs not just for today, but for tomorrow’s long-term care residents? What can be done to ensure more beds for people who require specialized care; for example, residents with dementia or who require daily dialysis?

6. While new capacity is being built, do Ontarians want their government to assess and evaluate alternative models to long-term care and home care such as selfdirected care, Program of AllInclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE), and increased use of transitional capacity?

7. What can be done to balance the desire of the health care system to move people into the most appropriate setting as efficiently as possible, with the desire of Ontarians to have a great degree of choice over their long-term care home?

Quality and Staffing

8. What can be done to strengthen the quality of care while reducing the reporting burden that longterm care homes face?

9. What has been your experience accessing intensive supports and/or long-term care for you or your loved one?

10. How should quality be measured in the services you or your lovedone are accessing? 1

11. If offered the choice would you prefer to go to a home with specialized care supports further from your community? Or to a home without those supports but closer to your community?

12. What can be done to encourage service providers to support diversity, including by providing services in languages other than English? Could technology support this goal?

13. What should be done to determine the risk skill mix(es) for the increasingly medically and socially complex needs of Ontario’s long-term care residents?

14. What can be done to better plan and encourage people to choose a career path in seniors’ health care and support recruitment and retention in long-term care and home care?

15. What is the role of volunteerism in long-term care and home care? How can we better leverage the energy of younger people to fight the risk of isolation?

Hearing your perspectives and experiences will help the government develop a strong plan to improve the quality and availability of intensive supports for seniors who need them, and ensure that residents of long-term care homes have access to an average of four hours of direct care each day. We welcome all input, including on matters not addressed in the above questions. Please send your comments to

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