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Composition of The Blue  Mountains Public Library Board

Posted On: Sunday, January 28, 2018

With the recent resignation of 2 board members the current composition of The Blue Mountains Library Board of seven members being four members of the Public and three members of Council), shall remain for the balance of the 2014/2018 term of Council

Composition of The Blue  Mountains Public Library Board

The current term of The Blue Mountains Public Library Board (“Library Board”) runs concurrent  with the term of Council, being 2014 – 2018.   Council will appoint a new Library Board in  December, 2018, following the October, 2018 municipal election. At the January 8, 2018 Committee of the Whole Meeting, Council received the following  December 21, 2017 Library Board resolution: 

WHEREAS the Public Libraries Act states the Board must have a complement of no less than five members; and Whereas the current ratio between Councillor and open seat Trustees is in adherence of the Public Libraries Act; 

The Blue Mountains Public Library Board recommends to the Town of The Blue Mountains’ Council not to make appointments for the two vacancies of the Board, and that the Board be identified as a Board of seven Trustees for the remainder of their term, Carried.

Staff confirm that the current composition of the Library Board is as follows: 

Public Appointments: 
1. Maurice Pepper 
2. Willi Wildman 
3. Odette Bartnicki 
4. Laurey Gillies  

Council Appointments: 
5. Mayor John McKean 
6. Councillor R.J. Gamble  
7. Councillor Michael Martin 

The Public Libraries Act (“Act”) states that “a public library board shall be composed of at least five members 

appointed by the municipal council”, and goes on to state that “the appointing  council shall not appoint more of its own members to a board than the number that is one less than a majorit of the board”.    

As the current composition is within that required under the Act, and with the Library Board approval, staff recommend that the current vacancies  of the Library Board not be filled for the  balance of the 2014-2018 term of Council.   

Staff confirm that the Library Board composition prior to the 2014 Library Board appointments, was seven members.   The increased composition of the 2014 Library Board to nine members was a result of two additional Library Board members that had history with the Library and that could assist with the 20th anniversary of the Library.  

In consultation with Sabrina Saunders, Library CEO, staff confirm that the Library Board is  currently rewriting all policies including By-Laws and Governance Policies, and will be making a  recommendation to Council on the composition of the Library Board for the 2018-2022 term.   Once received, the Library Board recommendations will be brought forward for Council’s  consideration and direction to staff to prepare for the call for applications for appointment to  the Library Board for the 2018?2022 term.    

Rod Sawyer, Library Services Adviser of the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport confirms that there is no requirement for Council to appoint a member of Council to the Library  Board.  

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