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Frazil Ice Proposal

Posted On: Monday, January 21, 2019

The Town of The Blue Mountains is pleased to confirm that an agreement has been reached between the respective parties to lower the water level in the Beaver River. The process of lowering the water level has been started.

Frazil Ice Proposal

In addition, Town crews are currently using a long reach excavator to remove frazil ice from the river in an effort to promote water flow. Staff will continue to work and actively monitor the situation.

Residents are strongly encouraged to keep off the ice and stay away from the banks of the Mill Pond and the Beaver River. As a result of the formation of frazil ice, it is difficult to identify stable ground from ice coverage.

The Town would also like to request that residents keep away from the excavator while it is in operation as the area around the excavator is an active worksite.

Further updates will be posted to the Town website when available.

Infrastructure & Public Works Department
(519) 599-3131 ext. 276

Tim Hendry
Communications & Economic Development Coordinator
(519) 599-3131 ext. 282


In July 2015, Council approved submitting a proposal to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) to lower the water level in the Mill Pond with the expectation that it would be effective in stopping frazil ice from blocking the Beaver River thus alleviating flooding of private lands in Clarksburg. The MNRF has accepted the Town’s proposal for a three year pilot project and is assisting the Town in preparing to lower the water level for the winter of 2015 – 2016.

In order to demonstrate that lowering the water level in the Mill Pond removed the conditions that lead to frazil ice blocking the Beaver River, the MNRF has asked that the Town prepare an Effectiveness Monitoring Plan. The goal of the Plan is to understand the conditions leading up to past blockage events and to determine if the same conditions happen again during the pilot period thus determining if the proposal worked. The Plan will also document what steps the Town will take to monitor the river upstream and downstream of the Thornbury Dam to watch for problems and take corrective actions.

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